Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre

West Liberty, Iowa 52776
Muscatine County
Business Type:  Independent Creative
Arts Instruction/Lessons
Cultural Education
Workshops / Demonstrations / Master Class
Literary Arts
Dolls/Soft Sculpture

Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre was founded in 1974 as a touring puppet troupe. Founding member Monica Leo was joined by Teri Jean Breitbach early in 1975, and the two performed exclusively as a duo until the 1990’s, when they began to incorporate musicians and other puppeteers.  Eulenspiegel was active in the Iowa Arts Council’s Artist in the Schools and Communities Program starting in 1977. During the 1980’s and early 90’s the company was also active in Wyoming’s Artist in Education Program. From 1981 through ‘91, the puppeteers toured on the Iowa Arts Council’s Summer Touring Arts Team. In 1989, Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre Co. was incorporated as a non-profit, tax-exempt arts organization for the purpose of providing high quality performances and workshops, educating the public about the art of puppetry, and establishing a regional puppetry center.

Through the years, the Eulenspiegel Puppeteers have experimented with almost every type of puppet imaginable, have collaborated with musicians, playwrights, directors, designers, and other theater companies, and have worked tirelessly to hone their art form. They have performed at six national Puppeteers of America Festivals, seventeen regional P of A festivals, a national festival in the former German Democratic Republic in 1987 (the only company invited from a non-Communist country), international festivals in Austria, Japan, and the Czech Republic, and national festivals in Germany. In addition, Eulenspiegel has toured in Germany, Japan, Austria and thirty-one of the 50 states. Eulenspiegel is known for witty scripts, original and expressive puppet designs, soft-sculpted, hand dyed scenery, evocative music, and strong graphics.

At Owl Glass Puppetry Center in West Liberty, Iowa, established in 1995, Eulenspiegel has taken an ever-increasing role in community development and outreach, presenting an annual season for families as well as one for adults.  The series include performances by Eulenspiegel and guest puppet theatres from all over the world. Eulenspiegel sponsors an annual amateur Puppeteers Festival, giving inexperienced puppeteers, third grade through adult, the opportunity to create and present original puppet productions in a festival setting, with free consultations and critiques. Other outreach programs include the West Liberty Children’s Festival, the Summer Parade Project (open studio hours during which local adults and children help build giant puppets for the annual County Fair parade), and, annually since 2002, a community performance featuring local and area adults as puppeteers.

Current Eulenspiegel personnel include Puppeteer/Managing director Monica Leo, Puppeteer Stephanie Vallez, Outreach Director Christopher Eck, Musicians Laura Kittrell and Alex Flesher, Adjunct Artist Cara McFerren, Guest Puppeteer Pam Corcoran from Wisconsin, and Associate Duffy DeFrance.  The late Teri Jean Breitbach, co-founder, and Eli Portugal act as Guardian Angels.

Eulenspiegel is the recipient of the 2000 Iowa Arts Award for long term commitment to excellence in the arts; The Power of Story Award (2016); the Bi-State Literacy Award (2013); The West Liberty Chamber Member of the Year (2012) among others.

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In this section I was able to successfully pull all sub categories that belongs to the 2 parents selected. This could be good if I was trying to show all possible choices under that parent, but what I really need is to pull just the selected ones back.

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